El Mar

SAY Sí’s Media Arts Studio is a creative innovative technology based learning program that provides a hands-on focus in filmmaking and digital design. Throughout the year, Say Sí students, along with the help of professional staff and established professionals in the media industry, collaborate and produce short films and documentaries. Students have the opportunity to explore and utilize their talents in all phases of the production, from writing the screenplay, scouting film locations, directing or budgeting, to casting, editing, creating an original musical score or working collaboratively on lighting production. Once the film is produced, the students also work on the accompanying marketing of their work in addition to showcasing their movies’ premieres.

In 2004 "El Mar" was produced, written by Sarah Hinojosa and co directed by Sarah Hinojosa and Lindley Atkinson, the team was lead by Pablo Véliz. I was given the role of "Victoria", a single mother struggling to raise her 3 kids. None of the students where older than 18, all so talented and hard workers, it was a great experience and very inspiring. I'm sure by now they are all doing wonderful in their professions. 

Bravo Say Si!