Cartoneo y Nopalitos

From the writer and director of La Tragedia de Macario, comes Pablo Véliz's film Cartoneo y Nopalitos.

Carla is one of millions of young Latinas who form the permanent sub-culture of the children of undocumented workers. Growing up in the U.S.--"the other side" in the common parlance of Mexican culture--she is "neither from here nor there," her life enmeshed in an uneasy truce between mutually dependent cultures.  My character in this film is Carla's mother, who came with her husband and 3 young children to the US, thinking they were just visiting. 

Full of fire and hope for her future, Carla aspires to become a physician, inspired by great love for her chronically ill grandfather. Yet after graduation, Carla faces full force the consequences of her legal status.

Carla's story obliquely intersects that of Krupa, an Indian girl escaping a painful personal event. Their very separate experiences occasionally glance off of one another, fully intersecting in a single moment of forgiveness and redemption.